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Don't Look behind you
"People say if you're walking by yourself... if you saw any supernatural beings, don't call out to them. If they called on you, don't answer. Because then they will know that you saw them, can hear them... then they'll follow you. And they might harm you..."
Rosnita immediately shook her head. "Yeah right, you liked telling these kinds of stories... isn't it? As if things like that gonna ever happen. Who knows if it's just people making pranks, and you had yourself fooled."
Khai immediately scolded the girl. "Hey! What lies, this is all true. My friend was the one that experienced this—a girl—two years ago. She was the one that told me... on the same day when she had the incident. It happens that there was an event organized around the neighbourhood area, she helped in the organization of the event. A lot of my other friends also came to the event, gathering to meet each other annually. She didn't feel comfortable after that incident, so when she saw me she told ever
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Jangan Pandang Belakang
"Orang kata bila berjalan seorang diri... kalau ternampak makhluk halus, jangan ditegur. Kalau ia tegur jangan dijawab. Nanti ia tahu kamu ternampak dia, boleh dengar ia... nanti ia ikut. Nanti ia kacau..."
Rosnita terus menggelengkan kepala. "Ye lah tu, abang suka cerita macam ni kan? Macam lah ada betul-betul jadi begitu. Entah ada orang saja kacau kot, sendiri kena tipu."
Khai segera menegur anak gadis itu. "Eh! Cerita betul ni, apa yang rekaan nye? Kawan abang yang kena... dua tahun lepas. Dia yang cerita... hari yang sama dia kena. Kebetulan hari tu ada majlis yang dianjurkan, dia ada tolong dalam majlis tu. Dia tak sedap hati... jadi dia beritahu lah kat abang,"
Khai tersenyum. "Benda-benda ghaib ni... jangan cepat sangat anggap rekaan. Tapi jangan jugak takut sangat, nanti syirik. Seolah anggap lebih takut benda ghaib dari tuhan..."
Rosnita segera meminta maaf. "Tapi... abang pernah jumpa ke benda-benda macam tu?" Ye lah... mentang-mentang sekarang ni aktiviti bebas, buat ujian
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Rustic Blade
A rustic blade,
Full of chips and cuts,
From the olden battles.
An old blade,
Thrust into new battle,
What victory would it gain?
An old soul,
An old blade,
Yet the world changed, not little.
Masked in despair,
Hope rekindled,
Yet the task reveal a daunting fate.
Almost shattered,
Bitter defeat tasted again,
What survival but death desired?
Honour mocked,
Pride trampled,
How much further could one take?
Taunt with Failure,
Shamed with Defeat,
Losing everything; what's left to live?
Last ray of hope,
The lone Maitreya,
If reason to live needed; may one not suffice?
A new Blade,
A new resolve,
A new mission to replace the old; to live, to protect,
To carry on the wishes of compeers lost.
:iconizumiishtar:IzumiIshtar 1 0
The General and the Girl
Years since any ties,
Had hold to this paltry heart,
Before it stole away,
Untimely, as life are wont to take.
The Gates long closed,
Locked since days long gone,
How could a lass stroll in,
Unsuspected, unawares?
Never thought to feel,
Never any need,
Yet unasked, it came,
Reminded of a long lost.
A vow clutched to chest,
Honor comes before heart,
Attachment may cloud and endanger,
Yet a chanced encounter must never be set aside.
Duty for the Master and friend,
Something that priors over all,
Yet duty to one's heart,
How could one set aside?
A son... or lover,
His country, or himself,
Not one is trivial,
Both equally important.
A soldier he was; and loyal serf,
Yet a man and father; he too,
Even if matters of the heart so trivial,
Where all strength lies, the heart is.
To uphold both, and keep honour bound.
:iconizumiishtar:IzumiIshtar 1 0
Ankh by IzumiIshtar Ankh :iconizumiishtar:IzumiIshtar 0 3 Progress: Ankh by IzumiIshtar Progress: Ankh :iconizumiishtar:IzumiIshtar 0 0
Midnight Bloom
She opened her eyes after a deep slumber. Rising from bed, she looked around puzzled over the sudden mistiness of her surroundings. She rose and fled the room, running around in search for other living souls spare herself. East to west, north to south she had fleeted. Upstairs to downstairs and around and out, she saw no other shadows other than hers. Her heart felt suddenly cold. She felt fear and her thoughts wondered towards her one other...
I saw images of you through a sadly blooming flower.
Though I had loved the rain, it felt extremely cold today.

He looked out towards the sky. The day was windy, yet chilling to the bone even though it was still late spring. It was a pleasant sensation to him as the breeze brushed his exposed arm. He remembered his fondest memories with his other half on days similar to this. Yet on that particular day, he felt no joy nor happiness. Instead, he felt as if a hole had formed into the deep core of his heart.
In the night, the flowers sway
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Living Dolls
There was a saying that once you have created something and poured your every thought and feelings into it, that something... might end up gaining its own conciousness and awareness. Thus, one should be very careful in their actions to prevent unexpected incidents to them. Then again, in this case... should that someone be the only one to be worried about? How about those things that inadvertently gained consciousness and wished to be truly given a life of its own?
A single doll, fashioned to resemble a bird-like humanoid creature stood at the edge of a high-walled shelf. Left forgotten by the artisan that created him, he remained on that shelf unsure of its purpose. He was a beautiful doll, every detail and colouring of its body had been carefully sculpted and painted. From the very strands of his hair, down to his feet... and even to the tips of his wings. Yet, the artisan placed him far from his other creations... somehow that made him feel that
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Calendula Requiem
"I'll promise you. I'll become strong. Stronger than anyone else! I'll protect you and everyone from any more injustice!"
Mea glanced towards the window, into the vast scenery that seemed to her now to be a place far from her reach. She sighed. How have she long for the kind of freedom she was seeing those birds flying through the horizon enjoyed. Yet, she knew. That wish was something that she would not be able to achieve. Because in order for her to grant the wishes of the ones she held important, sacrifices have to be made. Despite that, she held no regrets in her heart.
A knock on the door. She turned to greet her servant who timidly entered the room.
"My lady, it's time."
Mea nodded slowly as she straightened the crinkles on her dress. She brushed a stray hair to the side before applying a bit more highlights on her face. The petit servant caught her arm as she turned her head towards her.
"My lady, you needn't do this. You should run away. Anywhere, as long as you be free!
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To Step into the Unknown
A few more minutes... and counting. And then all hell's will break loose on stage. Her heart was starting to thump wildly anyway and the competition had not even started yet! The head mistress and the invited officials had yet to finish their speeches. So they still had TIME. Yeah, time was all that she needed now.
To think all those two months of training and memorising had finally coming down to an end right now. She paced around some more as her friend scolded her. No matter. At least pacing around the car calmed her nerves. She needed that now.
"Hey! At least you guys are doing a duet. I'll be solo-ing up there instead!"
The girl stopped her pacing to look up and stare at her friend. Yeah, true on that though, but still...
She continued making her her rounds, pacing around the big car parked beside the building as her two friends continued to watch her. A few younger students nearby had been staring at them, but she did not care. The other friend started to laugh.
"Is this some
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Piece of Cake
"I wanted to have a taste of this cheesecake that you had made."
James sighed. Not saying that he could not bake a decent cake but to have your own mentor tasting your own creations, he cannot help feeling nervous. It was because although he had been using the same recipe thought to him by Miss Jenn, he had made several alterations to it to fit his own taste.
Suddenly his friend's word come to mind, about a great cook not becoming one overnight. Grandma's wisdom, he said. He snickered. No time to be worried, he'd have to hope that she liked it.
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Path of the Samurai
"So... are you in?"
Can I? I had never done anything like this before. Can I be brave enough to face this challenge? It's only some kind of sport anyway. I had thought the same when I first thought I'm not good at sprinting and running, and I ran like the wind nowadays especially when agitated and when driven...
"Or are you going to finish your late lunch first before playing?"
I nodded. Just because I had nothing in particular to say. And I rather step up there when I felt like I'm up to the challenge, not when I'm still hesitating. It'll be a waste of time and effort... something that I had not liked to do normally. And besides... the bun was tasty. It had a slice of turkey, chicken and cheese and even though it was covered with flour I didn't really mind eating it even as it stained my mouth and hands.
So... you intend to chicken out, are you?
My eyes snapped open as Zymz giggled at me, as traces of flour were seen all over my face. I grinned as I wiped them clean. She entere
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He exclaimed aloud as he presented the evidence, pointing out the contradictions rising from the witness's testimony. Another round of argument before his opponent countered with another statement.
Again he fought back as he knew that it was all that he could do. It was part of his duty. He would keep pressing until the truth come out and the true culprit convicted. For him, every court trial that he fought was a battle.
It was tiring. It was times like this that he would truly appreciate this peaceful period he had whenever he was free.
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Jigsaw Puzzles
The sound of that one puzzle piece finding another match intrigues her. She picked another, and found another… as she placed them to another portion of the wide table. Those pieces do not match, thus she put them aside for later. She randomly picked another and gasped in glee as she found where the piece had belonged and popped it beside the other pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. A sibling passed by her, sighing on why she had bothered over that 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. She ignored it. Who cares if the puzzle had been solved by her before in like thirty times? Who cares if the puzzle was actually a large pokemon puzzle? Who cares if it was hard to do it? At least doing a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle gave her more satisfaction in completing it rather than doing a 50 piece puzzle that consisted of overly large individual piece?
She smiled to herself as several pokemons had revealed themselves to her after managing to piece about 70 separate pieces of the puzzle together. Sure, there w
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Nur Sazwani
I like to write and occasionally I color and draw. Most of my fics are in and copies of them in my journals. Sometimes I RP... sometimes I just goof around. It's fun like that~

Current Residence: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Favourite genre of music: Jrock, Techno, Orchestra
Operating System: Windows XP
Personal Quote: Just a passing by Kamen Rider!
  • Listening to: Eiji & Ankh - Time judged all
So well, I thought to start posting a tutorial kinda post on my Ankh arm. Eventhough I'm already halfway, and some of the pics I took kinda went MIA.



LJ version…

Tutorial for Making of Ankh arm for Kamen Rider OOO

Making the base

Things you need:

White cotton fabric
Black fabric - what type of material? I used the ones for lining.
Threads and Needles


- If you're like me and lazy to look up patterns, just manually trace your own arm over the cotton fabric for the arms and index fingers. Leave a hole for your thumb. Like this and have the arm part LONG. Or... if you'd like have a proper glove tutorial. I WONDER why I haven't found this before XD.

- Before you start sewing, glue/sew the white glove pattern to the black lining fabric. Reason why I do this because I cannot see what I'm sewing if the cloth and thread is BLACK. And I tend to screw on my sewing. XD. Or you can dye the whole thing black.…
- See? On White I can actually see what I'm sewing. And the combo between the cotton and lining material made the glove not that flimsy.

- Though, truthfully? I used both materials since I still had lots of extra fabric from past projects as well as random cloths people threw at me.

- I don't fancy using stretchy/jersey/I forgot what name was that fabric materials since later would need to attach the armour parts so troublesome...

- I left the lining cloth a bit longer because of special reasons...

- I mean... did you notice that random piece of sash on the arm?

- Well... using your scissors, have fun ripping the edges to shreds. XDDDDD…
- Hahaha. Blurry pics. But well... there's the ripped part showing.…

- So here's a clearer picture...

- It was all really made out of cloths. I'm not that fancy to make from leathers. Those also comes with it's own maintenance problems.

So on to the rest of the parts~

I'll be posting the sketch pics once I've redrawn and upload it. So for now I'll be posting on the ones I already have.

Materials you need:

A piece of Manilla card
Jumping clays
Scissors/Glue etc
Fake nails, nail clipper
Nail polish
Acrylic Paints
Clear Sprays


- Using the screen caps of the arm, cut out the pieces patterns onto the Manila card. It should be like this. (I'll post up the patterns later)
* 1 piece for the bird part
* 3 pieces for the top arm part, you may some extras if you want.
* 1 plain straight piece for the bottom of the arm… whole thing.

- For the middle and the pointer finger, since there's no scale part (plus considering the two fingers would have rings), I just used a random glitter pink nail polish to paint over the two fingers. Works like a charm. I don't use those nail polish normally anyway~

- Get some fake nails--the thumb parts as those are normally bigger in size. Use a nail clipper to clip the sides of the fake nails so that it'll look more like sharp claws. Get a green glitter nail polish to paint on it (or if you're like me and don't have it, just mix a green paint with the pink glitter nail polish. Still works). When the nails are dry, super glue them on the glove.

- You'll get something like this.…, right? Sauron!Ankh hand since I used my One Ring on it. XD

- So for the rest. I suggest you make a basic form for the top palm part out of manilla if you're not confident about sculping it using the jumping clay. So yeah... for the rest of the claws, fingers, the two parts on the palms, use jumping clays to shape them up. Also use theclays for the rest of the bird arm.…;,…,…;

- When you're done with the jumping clays, just let them get harder and then paint them and then use clear spray on them. That should keep their forms. I used wires to attach the bird to the arm piece and secure them with some extra clays.

- Once that done, it should not be hard to just use super glue to stick them all to the glove base.

And TADA~~ Ankh arm~!

I would have included more pics... but well, you see... I'm still in the making of it anyways. So yeah XDDDD


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