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Nur Sazwani
I like to write and occasionally I color and draw. Most of my fics are in and copies of them in my journals. Sometimes I RP... sometimes I just goof around. It's fun like that~

Current Residence: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Favourite genre of music: Jrock, Techno, Orchestra
Operating System: Windows XP
Personal Quote: Just a passing by Kamen Rider!
  • Listening to: Eiji & Ankh - Time judged all
So well, I thought to start posting a tutorial kinda post on my Ankh arm. Eventhough I'm already halfway, and some of the pics I took kinda went MIA.



LJ version…

Tutorial for Making of Ankh arm for Kamen Rider OOO

Making the base

Things you need:

White cotton fabric
Black fabric - what type of material? I used the ones for lining.
Threads and Needles


- If you're like me and lazy to look up patterns, just manually trace your own arm over the cotton fabric for the arms and index fingers. Leave a hole for your thumb. Like this and have the arm part LONG. Or... if you'd like have a proper glove tutorial. I WONDER why I haven't found this before XD.

- Before you start sewing, glue/sew the white glove pattern to the black lining fabric. Reason why I do this because I cannot see what I'm sewing if the cloth and thread is BLACK. And I tend to screw on my sewing. XD. Or you can dye the whole thing black.…
- See? On White I can actually see what I'm sewing. And the combo between the cotton and lining material made the glove not that flimsy.

- Though, truthfully? I used both materials since I still had lots of extra fabric from past projects as well as random cloths people threw at me.

- I don't fancy using stretchy/jersey/I forgot what name was that fabric materials since later would need to attach the armour parts so troublesome...

- I left the lining cloth a bit longer because of special reasons...

- I mean... did you notice that random piece of sash on the arm?

- Well... using your scissors, have fun ripping the edges to shreds. XDDDDD…
- Hahaha. Blurry pics. But well... there's the ripped part showing.…

- So here's a clearer picture...

- It was all really made out of cloths. I'm not that fancy to make from leathers. Those also comes with it's own maintenance problems.

So on to the rest of the parts~

I'll be posting the sketch pics once I've redrawn and upload it. So for now I'll be posting on the ones I already have.

Materials you need:

A piece of Manilla card
Jumping clays
Scissors/Glue etc
Fake nails, nail clipper
Nail polish
Acrylic Paints
Clear Sprays


- Using the screen caps of the arm, cut out the pieces patterns onto the Manila card. It should be like this. (I'll post up the patterns later)
* 1 piece for the bird part
* 3 pieces for the top arm part, you may some extras if you want.
* 1 plain straight piece for the bottom of the arm… whole thing.

- For the middle and the pointer finger, since there's no scale part (plus considering the two fingers would have rings), I just used a random glitter pink nail polish to paint over the two fingers. Works like a charm. I don't use those nail polish normally anyway~

- Get some fake nails--the thumb parts as those are normally bigger in size. Use a nail clipper to clip the sides of the fake nails so that it'll look more like sharp claws. Get a green glitter nail polish to paint on it (or if you're like me and don't have it, just mix a green paint with the pink glitter nail polish. Still works). When the nails are dry, super glue them on the glove.

- You'll get something like this.…, right? Sauron!Ankh hand since I used my One Ring on it. XD

- So for the rest. I suggest you make a basic form for the top palm part out of manilla if you're not confident about sculping it using the jumping clay. So yeah... for the rest of the claws, fingers, the two parts on the palms, use jumping clays to shape them up. Also use theclays for the rest of the bird arm.…;,…,…;

- When you're done with the jumping clays, just let them get harder and then paint them and then use clear spray on them. That should keep their forms. I used wires to attach the bird to the arm piece and secure them with some extra clays.

- Once that done, it should not be hard to just use super glue to stick them all to the glove base.

And TADA~~ Ankh arm~!

I would have included more pics... but well, you see... I'm still in the making of it anyways. So yeah XDDDD


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